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Contacts in all Mythos.Dev applications are managed in an internal module which has its own database tables. This contacts are globally available in all programs.This module has its own search evaluation areas, tree, tables, and detail areas. All contacts, in addition to extensive contact be assigned to an alternative address as well with keywords and headings. The search and evaluation is possible as well as the sorting of tables.  Particular attention has been paid to the clarity and fast editing. Information can be filled via templates and various phone numbers can be changed via quick switch. These contacts can be inter-connected. Of course you can also import and export contacts. Each contact can be provided with a photo.

Inheritance of contacts

In areas of the respective software (in Mythos eFleet, for example, maintenance, leasing, insurance, driver), you can in the software store contacts. However, these are not entered there. The software works with a linked mode of inheritance for contacts.
Example of a workshop as a contact for maintenance in Mythos eFleet:
The workshop is not applied in the maintenance area, something that you do once in the contact area. Back in the maintenance you now have a button that connect to the contact. This gives you a number of advantages:

  • People and companies only need to be edited and may be assigned to a button to a record

  • With a push of a button to jump directly into the contact area to the linked contact with all information

  • Changes are inherited. If going with a contact for example, the phone number, then change it once in the contact window to that person. All records in all parts of the program which are linked to this contact, automatically get with the change.

  • Go straight to the home page or email address from within the software.

Special functions in Contact module

Depending on the software contains Contact besides the primitives specific areas which are tailored to the specific software.

  • [Global]
    •  Mitarbeiter
       In the field staff, you can enter information on the length of service and maintain an absence table.
    • New [Contact: 2.10] Privat
      Capture extensive private details to the contact. Gather in a table all family members of the contact. So you always have an overview of who is in what way. Another table records all account and nickname (Facebook, Twitter, of the contact.
    • Neu [Contact: 2.00] Teaching plan
      In this area you manage all training of employees. Capture costs, duration and exporting company. Which Certificate This course is required? How often the course must be repeated? You get a history of all the courses of an employee and the resulting permissions. Forthcoming Events can be transmitted by Chronos (calendar). The employee is then reminded of the event. Use to make the area around queries. Which employees have a special training course. For which a certificate has expired.
    • New [Contact: 2.10] Bank
      This module covers all bank data to the current contact.
  • [Mythos eFleet]
    • Employee
      In the area of ​​employee you can enter information on the length of service and maintain an absence table.
    • Vehicle fleet / driver
      Here you can enter information about the driver's licenses. In a table, you can capture the stakes of the person on the different vehicles. This is done partly automatically in the allocation. Here, a logging takes place. It is thus possible to say exactly at what time which driver was assigned to a vehicle. This information can be evaluated via vehicles. For example, the fuel consumption of vehicle drivers about changing across are compared. Just as incurred costs. Were both deposited with the driver and the vehicle information to the driver's licenses, then place a check is performed whether the driver has the appropriate permissions.